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Health and Safety Precautionary Measures | Covid-19

Our Valued Guests,


We would like to let you know that at Ivy Vacation Rentals we have always been proud of the way we treat our guests, responding to their every need in an informed and prompt manner. Especially during these challenging times, when the global community is largely affected by the coronavirus spread, we want you to know we care about your health and safety.


Here you can read about our precautionary measures regarding guest health and safety in relation to COVID-19.

What we do to secure the health and safety of our guests

✓ We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities

✓ All Ivy Vacation Rentals properties have been provided with information about COVID-19 and management instructions

✓ High level of hygiene throughout the properties prior every check in

✓ Increased focus on overall housekeeping and hygiene protocols on all our properties

✓ Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces with anti-bacterial liquids (especially bathrooms, remote controls, common areas surfaces etc.)

✓ House cleaning can be arranged upon request so that guests avoid unnecessary contact with our team members

✓ Pool and disinfection through chlorination is carried out by certified professionals

✓ Disinfectant stations with hand sanitizers in all properties

✓ Services related with food and beverages are adjusted in accordance with current food safety recommendations

✓ Observance of the procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill

✓ Closely monitoring any changes or updates regarding Coronavirus by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Greek Government

Security precautions that anyone can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19

✓ Frequent hand washing

✓ Have hand disinfection ready to use

✓ Avoid unnecessary hand contact

✓ Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose

✓ Cover the mouth with the elbow when coughing and sneezing

✓ Keep at least one meter away from coughing or sneezing persons

✓ All our properties are open and operate as normal, and with safety as our main priority and we are taking every precaution for our guests to feel safe when staying or visiting our properties.

We have established a fierce commitment that our employees and guests are the most important priority and so we highly recommend and encourage to check with your doctor in the event of symptoms and jointly decide whether travel schedules should be maintained or adjusted.


Please visit below link for more extended information:


For the most updated information about Covid-19, please refer to the links below :

World Health Organisation (WHO)

National Public Health Organisation


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